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End of 2022 update.

The water valves which feed the water to the injectors have been stripped, cleaned up, repainted and put back together with new packing. The valves themselves have been lapped in and await refitting and testing.

Different view of the water valves - the bit sticking out goes into the water tank and has a mesh filter to stop unwanted sediment and other rubbish going into the valves and eventually into the injectors.


Mechanical lubricator pumps have been dismantled, cleaned up and refitted back together with some new parts. There will soon be refitted to the mechanical lubricator body once it has been cleaned up and the rest of it has been refurbished.

Here is a really good photo showing a pump dismantled.


Towards the end of the year we also made a start on removing the boiler tubes. This is a slow and steady process but essential. We are looking forward to getting this job done!

It did confirm though that the tube plate is in perfect condition so that will not need changing - we were surprised to find it was 19mm thick!

Not the biggest of spaces to work! It is even worse in the firebox end with hardly no natural light - we have to make sure we are fully equipped with the correct PPE for this job.

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