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Rods off and stubborn pins!

We have finally removed all of the connecting and coupling rods from the locomotive. Our first inspections show that the bearings and crank pins are in good enough condition to use again without the need for any serious work - Phew!

Ben has made a start at removing the red paint to inspection the rod surfaces themselves. We will get these tested for any cracks before they go back into red and refitted to the loco.

Whilst this has been on going Sam has been fighting some very stubborn pins that hold the inside valve gear together. Unfortunately the majority of these need drilling out which is taking a lot of time. Sam and the rest of us are determinate to crack on through this to enable the remaining valve gear/motion to be removed, cleaned, inspected, refurbished then refitted to the loco.

We are now accepting donations to help us with the overhaul - if you can help us in any way please do

Donate or get in touch 😃

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