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Where has the time gone?

Exactly that... where has it gone? Thats 2023 pretty much over with in a blink of an eye! 👀

We can only apologise for not keeping the blog posts going, mainly because we have in fact been so busy !

The boiler is almost ready for the inspector, all the tubes are out and a boiler has had a wash through. We are hoping to remove the regulator and associated bits between Xmas and New Year!

All of the valve gear and valves are now out, just the cross heads and pistons to come out! Some work has already been done to clean up and paint some of the inside of the frames etc. It seems like the majority of the valve gear will need some work, so our overall costs have increased a bit to allow for this!

Some of the valve gear outside briefly!

The left side bunker off, showing that most of the "structure" is in good nick! The bunkers will need some work.

Also you can see the valve covers laid up on the loco too!

Please help us along by donating today via our GoFundMe page

Wishing all of our supporters a very Merry Christmas 🎄

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